August 13, 2016

Marketing Mistakes In Social Media You Want To Avoid


There is no question that social media networking sites attract a very diverse crowd. This is why there are so many big and small businesses using social media marketing to popularize their products and services. If you want to make the most of your social media marketing campaign, there are a few common mistakes you will want to be sure to avoid.

Buying Your Followers

Even though this seems a great way to make your profile more popular, it is not so. People will always follow what others have followed, which means that the more the likes on your page, the more chances others could follow suit.


But the problem with this approach is that social media sites have algorithms that keep track of visitor engagement. When there is a limited engagement in the site by the followers, this means less promotion, this means you would have wasted your money on useless names on your page.


When marketing on social media, the goal is to get more business, but that does not mean that everything you post needs to be a sales pitch. If you only provide statutes and sales advertisements urging people to buy, your followers will quickly lose interest in your profile.


If you focus less on making sales and provide your followers with a ton of useful content, you will find your page or business more likely to appeal to your target audience. This approach builds loyalty which results in increased sales over time.

Overlooking User Comments

The easiest and fastest way to fail when marketing your business is ignoring people when they give comment. You may disagree with what they are saying, but regardless of what you think of their comments, you must respond diplomatically and professionally.


If you pretend or act like you haven't seen the comment that has been posted gives an impression that you don't care, this ill ruin your chances especially if you wanted to build a connection.

Letting Account Sit Without Updates

One thing you need to aware of is that generally, it will take some time to build up the kind of audience you are after. There are many businesses that do not remain active and give up in the beginning.


If you start to give up and do not log onto your social media accounts, your hard work will mean nothing because those consumers will stop following you after a while. Keep the balance between posting regularly and giving the readers a chance to appreciate all the posts.

Combining Business and Personal Accounts

Social networking sites aren't restrictive and allow users to create more than one accounts. See this as an advantage and use it to separate your personal life and business persona.

Despite the fact that people like associating their personal account with their business account in the name of adding some personality to their business, this idea should be avoided because business requires some professionalism.


Although social media marketing seems pretty straightforward, there are numerous unspoken rules that everyone should follow. Getting results through social media sites mean that you should not make the mistakes listed above.

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